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Speech Therapy

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Speech Therapy

Let us help you find your voice. Our Speech Pathologists provide assessment, diagnosis, intervention and treatment for adults and children with communication disabilities. Our speech therapists can help adults and children with difficulties or impairments with:

  • Speaking - the articulation of sounds and words
  • Fluency - speaking smoothly without stuttering
  • Using Voice - being clear and projecting sound
  • Expressive Language - use of tone and language to say what you mean to say
  • Listening and Reception - understanding language and what is being said
  • Literacy - being able to read and write
  • Social Communication and Skills - being appropriate in what you say
  • Swallowing - being able to eat and drink comfortably

NDIS Speech
Therapy Services

We offer a wide range of speech therapy services for children and adults to support all individuals reach their potential and live the life they wish to lead.

Communication Therapy

Our speech pathologists work with adults and kids that have any communication difficulties. They can help with speaking, fluency, expressive language, listening & reception, literacy, and social communication and skills.

Speech and Language Therapy

Our speech and language pathologists can help with pronunciation as well as understanding language, specifically if English is not your first language.

Training for Informal Support

We provide education and training for informal support such as family, friends and carers so therapy can continue in the home. This ensures consistency and facilitates greater treatment outcomes.

Swallowing and Eating Management

If you are having difficulty chewing, eating drinking or swallowing, this can be signs of a swallowing impairment. Speech Pathologists at iFit Group can assess your swallowing function, refer you to specialists if further examination is required, recommend diet alterations, and provide safe swallowing therapy and tactics.

Social Skills and Relationships

Our speech therapists can assist if you have trouble interacting and communicating appropriately in social situations. They can help you develop your social skills and understanding so you can have more meaningful and enjoyable social interactions and relationships with the people around you.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Assistive Technology

Our speech pathologists can determine whether AAC is required. We can also recommend the best assistive technology for communication, if necessary.

NDIS Speech Therapy

NDIS Speech Therapy

NDIS Speech Therapy can assist individuals with a range of disabilities that can affect speech and language. We can help individuals with difficulty communicating due to:

  • check_circleAutism
  • check_circleDevelopmental Delays
  • check_circleLearning Disability
  • check_circleIntellectual Disability
  • check_circleCerebral Palsy
  • check_circleCongenital Syndromes
  • check_circleCardiac Conditions
  • check_circleDementia
  • check_circleTongue Tie
  • check_circleDown Syndrome
  • check_circleCleft Palate
  • check_circleHearing Loss

If you are concerned, we are more than happy to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with one of our speech pathologists. From the initial appointment, we can assess any concerns and develop strategies and goals.

Speech Therapy for Kids

Speech Therapy

Services for Kids

Did you know that 86% of children are more likely to have a profound or severe communication disability, compared to 22% of older people? Further to that, 3 in 5 people who have an unmet need for formal assistance with communication are children (Source: Speech Pathology Australia referencing ABS 2017).

This does not have to be the case. Our NDIS speech pathologists can help develop and improve your child's speech and language. Here are some signs to watch for that indicate your child may need a speech pathologist:

  • check_circle They are not meeting speech milestones according to their age on a consistent basis
  • check_circleIt is difficult to understand what they are saying
  • check_circleYou have noticed they have a lisp, stutter, or other speech and vocal concerns
  • check_circleYour child is having difficulty with reading, spelling, and understanding text
  • check_circleYou are already aware of special needs such as autism or other social challenges
  • check_circleThey are experiencing difficulty swallowing or eating

We have Mobile

Speech Therapists

We have mobile speech pathologists for kids and adults. We can come to where you live, work, learn and play. For children, our mobile speech therapy services are particularly beneficial as children tend to be more receptive to therapy in the comfort of their home or school.

NDIS Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists can work on any speech and communication concerns, help develop your child’s language skills and promote confidence while communicating – all in a familiar environment. This will also save you the stress and hassle of taking your child to our clinic. We want to make things as convenient as possible for you and your child, so you can both focus on what matters most – their speech goals.

Our Mobile Speech Services are also covered by the NDIS. As a registered NDIS service provider, we endeavour to assist you with a treatment plan that meets your child and your family’s need. Our NDIS Speech Pathology services offer a variety of flexible payment options and NDIS funding can often cover the sum total of the sessions. For more information or to discuss your child’s specific NDIS plan, please give one of our friendly NDIS speech pathologists a call.