What is Support Coordination?

Depending on your individual goals and NDIS plan, you may receive funding for a Support Coordinator.

daar’s Support Coordination is a service that involves collaborating with you to assist with ensuring your supports are used to build your capacity to maintain relationships, live more independently, exercise choice and control, and be included in the community.

There are three different levels of Support Coordination that can be funded in your plan that daar can provide:



Level 1: Support Connection – This level of support assists participants to understand aspects of their NDIS plan and build their ability to connect with providers and informal, community or funded supports.



Level 2: Coordination of Supports – This medium level of support assists participants to strengthen their ability to understand and use their NDIS plan effectively, and design and build their supports. It involves working together to understand the funding, expectations from services, resolve points of crisis, and ensuring supports are used to increase capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, and ultimately live more independently and be included in the community.



Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination – This is a higher level of Support Coordination, it is for participants whose situations or support environments are more complex with specific high-level risks. This support helps manage challenges in the participant’s support environment so they can access and connect with appropriate NDIS supports.

How can we help?

daar’s NDIS Support Coordination team will work with you and help to:

  • Understand and get the most value out of your NDIS plan and funded supports.
  • Identify, connect, and coordinate with providers or services in your community that best meet your needs and goals.
  • Develop service agreements with service providers.
  • Negotiate with providers about their supports and services, costs, and address any points of conflict.
  • Provide ongoing support, guidance, and solutions throughout your NDIS journey.
  • Participant in NDIS plan reviews with stakeholders such as LACs, Planner, and other therapy providers.
  • Monitor your supports, progress, and outcomes, and provide reports back to the NDIA.
  • Plan and prepare for your annual NDIS plan reviews.

How can I access Support Coordination at daar?

  1. Give us a call, access your free initial consultation to find out how we can help.
  2. Discuss with your NDIA Planner, Local Area Coordinator (LAC), or Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) and discuss what level of Support Coordination you would need included in your NDIS Plan.
  3. Once Support Coordination is included in your plan, your NDIS Planner will provide you with a referral form. Select daar as your NDIS Support Coordinator by completing your NDIS referral form and emailing it to or contact us by phone on (02) 9133 2500.
  4. We will contact you and arrange a time to meet and discuss your plan, goals, supports, services, and answer any of your questions. We will also provide you a copy of the Service Agreement to review and agree to. This document details how we will work together.